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How does route choreography and design work?
Location is paramount as with all advertising. This is why PedalBus campaigns are so effective, they can go anywhere. We can devise a campaign from top to bottom in response to a brief of your campaign objectives. The best routes are those set in locations where the public can use the Pedalbus as a way to make a short journey. For example, a ferry service between Trafalgar Sq and the Houses of Parliament, London.

How many people can be on board each PedalBus?
A total of 10 passengers, which is 8 on cycle-points and 2 standing at the back. Up to 3 members of staff can also be on board.

Is The PedalBus easy to cycle?
Yes, it moves slowly due to the gearing, and even one person can power the PedalBus effortlessly. To date the distance record on the PedalBus is 44KM from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace in 5 hours 56 minutes. An NSPCC fund raiser.

The weather is unpredictable what if it is raining?
Occasional showers and very light rain actually have a positive effect on participation from the public.

Each PedalBus will arrive with water resistant clothing and umbrellas. For multiday campaigns, particular days can be postponed if the weather is deemed unsuitable at a cost of €250 per PedalBus per day.

Is the PedalBus road legal?

As the PedalBus is a cycle it falls under the regulatory framework for cycles in EU and the USA. The PedalBus conforms with all EU product safety & environmental regulations.

Is there an engine or any electrical assistance?
No! 100% cycling, 100% of the time.

How much will it cost to hire for a campaign?
Campaign prices are listed at Prices and Services. This includes all aspects needed to get the campaign running.

Can I mount advertising on The PedalBuses.
There is 4.5m2 of externally visible advertising space on each PedalBus. We can print and mount these for you. We can provide you with artwork specifications upon request, please go to Production & Media.

What insurance do the PedalBuses have?
PedalBuses have public liability insurance of €2million for each PedalBus. Brand representatives on board could also be covered by our employee liability insurance.

Is permission needed from local authorities or the police for the PedalBus campaigns?
We will apply for all the permissions needed, where necessary, in all countries.

What campaign data will you collect?
Please go to ROI & Metrics.

Who manufactures The PedalBus?
PedalBuses are designed and manufactured by Party Bike Ltd in the UK.
PedalBuses are a registered design in EU, USA and Asia. PedalBus uses its own patented transmission system.

Can a PedalBus design be adapted to suit a particular campaign?

Simple, but visually effective additions can be made, and props can be fitted. Please contact for more information on design and alterations.

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